We roast and sell fine coffee beans, serve delicious drinks and breakfast items, and welcome you


Welcome to Holy Roasters Coffee Company! Founded by twin sisters Emily and Sara in 2023. We’re locally owned, and our goal is simple: to give you the best coffee you’ll ever have.

What is a coffee cabin, you ask? It’s our log cabin in Maupin, OR where we roast and sell premium organic coffee beans, and it’s where we also serve delicious coffee, tea, smoothies and homemade breakfast items all day!

Blonde, Medium, Dark and Decaf: We Roast Your Favorite Coffee

When you come to Holy Roasters Coffee Company, you might notice a heavenly aroma filling the air. It is coming from upstairs, where we roast organic fair trade Sumatran coffee beans to the peak of perfection. We have mastered the art of air roasting, a technique that makes coffee beans cleaner, more aromatic and less acidic. We only roast in small batches, which ensures the freshest, richest, boldest character the beans have to offer. It’s the best your mug will ever know.

Ground and Whole Bean Available

Blonde Roast

Citrusy, almost lemony, with a faint hint of toasted grain. Our most caffeinated roast; perky when percolated.

Medium Roast

Medium Roast – What many consider to be the perfect balance of citrus and chocolate notes, roasted with love.

Dark Roast

Bold and rich, full of body, with warm chocolate overtones. A little less caffeine, but still a nice zing.


Decaf – No zing at all, with smooth chocolate notes and subtle hints of citrus.

Bag Sizes

1/2 lb.

1 lb.

2 lb.

5 lb.

Coffee Beans Need to Vent

We love our coffee beans and want them to be happy until they’re ready to be brewed. That’s why we became the first coffee roaster in Maupin, OR to package coffee beans in vented bags. Vents keep our coffee happy, fresher, longer!


Perched above the Deschutes River, we serve what we roast! Join us for a hot or cold coffee beverage, tea or iced tea, or a delicious smoothie by our baristas. All of our organic coffee syrups and sauces are made fresh in Sisters, OR. We also serve a variety of breakfast items, made fresh from scratch in our kitchen and available so long as our doors are open.



Outdoor Picnic
Table Seating

Gifts by Local Artisans

Looking for a special something for a special someone? Check out our selection of gifts by local artisans, as well as our own Holy Roasters mugs, hats, shirts, sweatshirts and gift cards.

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